Some pre-construction photos

Here are some photos of the inside and outside of the areas of the house that are going to be affected by the remodel. It can be helpful to consult a sketch of the existing floorplan and compare it to the new floorplan, both shown here:

floorplan.png Final plan with labels.png

In summary, we are going to:

  • Remove the back half of the house, i.e. everything currently under the shed roof. This includes the two back bedrooms, the bathroom attached to the middle bedroom, the breakfast nook, the mudroom, and half of the kitchen.
  • Completely remodel the kitchen, including new cabinets, counters, sink, range, hood, dishwasher, etc. We will have a custom U-shaped bench seat built into the breakfast area, and a bay window behind it looking out into the side yard. The island will have solar tubes above it to bring in more light.
  • Frame a new gabled roof following the existing roof lines that extends out to where the wall between the two back bedrooms used to be. The space enclosed under this roof will become the new master bedroom. The footprint occupied by the former rear-most bedroom and breakfast nook will become a deck.
  • Install the washer and dryer under a wide counter in the kitchen area, and next to the pantry.
  • Wall off the narrow part of the existing master bedroom into a new master bath. The bath will have two sinks and a bathtub.
  • Remove the drop ceiling in the interior hallways leading to the front (study) room and to the bedrooms from the kitchen. Remove paneling from walls and replace with sheetrock. Rip out vinyl flooring, and restore hardwood underneath or install new hardwood floors.
  • Replace all the supply lines underneath the house with new copper lines.
  • Ensure that new attic space is accessible from the existing attic.

That’s it! The permit was granted on or before May 1st, the first day of demolition was May 1st, and they expect the job to be done by the end of August. We’ll see how that goes…


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