Start of demolition

While I was at the Perimeter Institute attending their Economics Crisis Conference, the work crew started demolition on the back bedrooms of our house. The plumber showed up on Thursday and dug a trench from the curbside meter to the side of the house where the new water supply line will enter the crawl space. On Friday, the demolition of the bedrooms was well underway.

Crystal emailed me some photos, which I’ve placed on my gallery at and a few which I’m including here:

day1_permit.jpg day1_trench.jpg day2_demo6.jpg day2_demo8.jpg IMG_8051.jpg IMG_8064.jpg


2 thoughts on “Start of demolition

  1. adrian says:

    you have a second dog now?

    Wow…that is a massive amount of work.

    • misterwang says:

      Nope, the black dog belongs to the neighbor across the street. His name is Logan and he and Trinity play really well together.

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