The dumpster finally arrived this morning. The work crew didn’t do any work yesterday or the day before because the middle bedroom, where they had been storing the demolition rubble, was completely full, and they didn’t want to throw all the rubble into the yard only to have to move it yet again into the dumpster.

IMG_8074.jpg IMG_8075.jpg  

So this morning the dumpster finally arrived. The truck driver somehow managed to avoid running over the tea olive, the mountain laurel, and the Texas sage plants. He first reversed the trunk until his rear tire was almost touching the Texas sage. Then, he raised the bed to roll the dumpster off, and the dumpster’s rear wheels brush a couple of leaves on the tea olive. Finally, as the front of the dumpster slides off of the truck bed and slams into the ground, it falls within a couple of inches of the mountain laurel.

Even the work crew seemed impressed at his skills.

IMG_8079.jpg IMG_8076.jpg

With the dumpster in place, the guys wasted no time in disposing of all the rubble that had accumulated in the middle bedroom and the small pile of wood in the yard. With the space cleared, they then proceeded to rip out more 2×4 framing studs for interior walls (like the closet wall) as well as more sheetrock. They also tore off the latticework fence that was on the small side porch, so they could more easily haul rubble out of the house.

At the end of the day, they indicated that tomorrow they would start on kitchen demolition.

IMG_8080.jpg IMG_8096.jpgIMG_8081.jpg IMG_8082.jpg  

As always, the full gallery of shots are available on my website: http://www.electrictao.net/gallery/demolition2


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