Moving out (cont.)

The weather today was sweltering (94 degrees) and humid – extremely nasty weather for moving. It was also nasty weather for construction, but that didn’t seem to slow down the work crew at all. As I was clearing out the fridge and moving boxes and stuff, they were going gangbusters on demoing out the kitchen:

IMG_8120.jpg  IMG_8142.jpg IMG_8124.jpg IMG_8127.jpg

Yes, that’s them ripping out the cabinets, and yes, that used to be our pantry. Every time I came back from making a trip to the new apartment, more of the kitchen would be gone. At some point I came back (from lunch maybe?) and the island had been ripped out:

IMG_8146.jpg IMG_8147.jpg IMG_8149.jpg IMG_8148.jpg

The kitchen looks a lot different without the island. It actually does have a large amount of space – enough to fit in all the counters and whatnot that we had planned. I’ve uploaded all of the kitchen demolition photos here:

Crystal got back home around 3:30pm, and after helping me put the mattress into the plastic mattress bag I purchased at the UHaul store, she began organizing things around the house for the movers to move, and I started disassembling the bed frame.

The movers arrived shortly afterwards, around 4:30pm, and they made quick work of packing up the disassembled bed, the dressers, the study room desks, our office chairs, the washer and dryer, and several boxes of clothes and kitchen things. They charged $80 for two hours of work, and I tipped them $20 for their effort in the sweltering heat.

We returned the UHaul at 7pm, barely 6 hours after I rented it, and with only 4 miles driven. Then we went to Shilla for a tasty Korean dinner. Crystal got some cold buckwheat noodles, and I got the pollack roe soup. We also had an appetizer of Pa Jun since we were starving.

After dinner, we were finally ready to bring the animals over, along with a final load of stuff. Trinity was happy to join us again (instead of being locked up in her sunroom, out of the way). The cats were definitely happy to be out of the upstairs game room as well. They were a little freaked out after we let them out at the new place, but I’m sure they will adjust. (Kaylee stayed in her cat carrier, and Jane immediately headed for the small space behind the washing machine.)


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