Moving out

I took today off so I could move out. Yesterday (Thursday), I had planned to take a half-day but didn’t get home until 3:30pm or so, so I didn’t get a whole lot of moving done. I did manage to get a few boxes moved over to the new place, as well as basic toiletries so we had paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, etc. Crystal left work around 6, and we met up for dinner at Titaya Thai (where we ran into Chris Casey and his wife). We went back home and packed up the Subaru and her RSX with clothes, computers, printer, kitchen stuff, and lamps, and dropped them off at the new place. The first thing Crystal noticed when she walked in was that the mildew/cat odor was still quite strong in the house. I was tasked with solving this problem today.

So, this morning, after going over to Rob’s to check out the new paint job on his house, I went to Fiesta and got some Glade odor-absorbing powder to sprinkle on the carpet in the new apartment. I also brought the Dyson over to the new place (to vacuum up the Glade powder after it had done its work) and washed out the top part of the suction canister. The Dyson hasn’t been working as well lately, even though we have washed out the round yellow filter at the bottom, and I read on the web that the small holes in the top of the suction canister can get clogged over time with fine-grained dust. I also transported one cooler’s worth of stuff from the old fridge to the new apartment. After unloading it and setting out the vacuum cleaner parts on the floor to dry, I headed back to the house, where Rob picked me up for lunch at Five Guys.

After lunch, he dropped me off at the UHaul on Lamar & North Loop, where I picked up a 14′ truck. (The movers I found on Craigslist yesterday didn’t have their own truck, so I had to rent one.) I drove the UHaul back to the house, and then started loading up our F-150 with drawers of clothes from the dressers, boxes of kitchen and cleaning supplies, and various other things. I unloaded these at the new apartment and also hung up the shower curtain.


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