All a-board

I got home from work around 7:15, grabbed my camera, and walked Trinity straight over to the house to check up on the day’s progress. My understanding from chatting with the work crew this morning was that they were going to start demolishing the kitchen and the kitchen floor, so I was excited to see if there was salvageable hardwood underneath the (literally) 5 layers of vinyl and linoleum.

When I arrived at the house, I realized that it was way too hot to keep Trinity cooped up inside while I took photos, so I dropped her off across the street to play with Logan. I then proceeded towards the kitchen from the master bedroom and was greeted with an unexpected sight:


Apparently, instead of working on the kitchen as they had planned, they spent the day tearing out all of the paneling and dropped ceiling in the hallway. They were also able to make some progress on ripping up the flooring, and it looks like there are wide hardwood planks underneath. Whether or not those planks can be salvaged is still an open question.

With all the paneling ripped off, the hallway has a log cabin look to it:

IMG_8312.jpg IMG_8313.jpg IMG_8314.jpg

They also ripped off a great deal of the paneling in the kitchen, revealing a very weird patchwork of narrow wood boards along the common wall shared with the central bathroom:


Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

As usual, the complete set of photos are on the gallery at


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