Open house

Today the plumbers came and put in a water line from the street to the side of the house:

IMG_8350.jpg IMG_8351.jpg

Unfortunately, right where the line enters the crawl space, they encountered a nest of brown recluse spiders and had to stop work. They called our pest control service, who came out and sprayed the area, and they will continue work tomorrow.

Also, the interior of the house is very different now. They have removed the floor under the new hallway and master bathroom. They have also completely removed the wall between the middle bedroom (future master) and the current master bedroom:

IMG_8359.jpg IMG_8358.jpg

We have also discovered that there is original hardwood flooring underneath the vinyl in the hallway, and at least in one part of the kitchen. Jose has decided to leave the current vinyl flooring in place while the frame and continue working in the kitchen so that the original hardwood is protected.

The breakfast nook has also had its sheetrock and carpet removed, and one can see the water damage/rot in the studs there:


It’s really quite something to look at the house now, because the entire back half of the house is basically open:


More photos at:


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