What a difference a week makes!

We were in Hatteras over the last week, and this morning after aunt Carol and Granny Ann showed up, we drove over to the house to check out the progress during our absence. Even as we pulled up to the house, we could see from the street that there was beautiful 2×4 pine framing in place.


Not only had they torn off the exterior walls and roof over the back two bedrooms, they had actually managed to get some framing in place! These studs constitute the new master bedroom. The biggest surprise to us was how high up the walls will be – the back of the house will be quite tall, and our interior rooms will have 10′ ceilings!

They also built up all the subfloor under the master bedroom: 6×6 beams across the piers, and 2×10 planks on their sides form the skirt around the room. There is plywood subflooring now in the master bedroom and master bath.

There is a giant pile of rubble in the yard, awaiting a new empty dumpster. There is also quite a bit of lumber sitting around:


The also framed in the master bathroom and the hallway into the master suite:

IMG_8867.jpg IMG_8866.jpg IMG_8870.jpg

We can now stand on the exposed floor of the former back bedroom and imagine what our deck elevation will be like. We can also look from between the studs and imagine the view out of the back bedroom window:


As always, a complete set of photos can be found at the gallery:


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