Like a surgeon…

After the last post, I was up in Seattle for work and then visiting friends. I flew back today, and we went over to the work site to check out the progress. The first thing I saw was a gigantic pile of lumber in our driveway:


After looking around some more, it looked like they hadn’t done a tremendous more framing, but they had done a lot of work cutting away various bits and pieces to help plan the build-out and to figure out what foundation work we’ll need to do.

While I was in Seattle, I spoke with our contractor and found out that we’d need to do a little foundation work under the kitchen and at the kitchen/bedroom interface area. I put our contractor in touch with Dario at 3G House Leveling, who then put him in touch with his structural engineering Floyd, and they all hashed some stuff out. The upshot is that we’ll need to add a single pier under the common wall between the kitchen and bedroom, and we’ll need two piers under the bay window. Dario has agreed to do all these piers, as well as do some levelling of the back rooms. Apparently, they have cut away part of the kitchen floor and underpinning so they could more easily get in there and see what’s going on.


I had failed to get a picture of it before, but here’s a photo of our former kitchen skylight. It looks much bigger on the ground than it does in the air:


More photos can be found here:


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