Passed Framing Inspection!

Today we passed the framing and plumbing inspection! I stopped by the house after work, and saw that the green inspector tag had signatures in the framing and plumbing rough-in sections.

The plumbers and Jose’s crew both were hard at work today. They installed the attic louver (which looks very nice) and completely cleaned up the interior of the house. Previously, they had stacked a tremendous amount of debris and salvageable/reusable parts (doors, appliances, lights, fans, etc.) in the in the former master bedroom, and other demolitioned bits (like the A/C duct) were still lying around the inside of the house. Today that stuff all got moved out into the yard, and the appliances and doors were moved into the new master closet.

As if that weren’t enough, they also cleaned up all of the water damage in the center bathroom. All of the peeled paint has been removed and disposed, and the plaster/glue stains on the toilet and cabinets have all been wiped off. The center bathroom is actually very close to being usable again.

The interior of the house looks so much better today.


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