Insulation over the weekend

I met Jose at the house yesterday (Saturday) morning, and talked briefly about a few things:

  • The 220V wiring for the upper stove had been stripped in one spot, and the electricians need to fix it before insulation
  • I had put the vanity light for the center bathroom into the former master bedroom, so they should install that whenever they get around to fixing up the center bathroom
  • Confirmed that Jose is aware that he needs to pull up the remaining hardwood floor in the kitchen and put down subfloor before the flooring guys put down the new hardwood
  • Framing up the left side wall of the hall closet, since there is nothing but a thin sheet of paneling there now. Jose said that they were going to frame it up with new 1×4 or 1x6s before putting up sheetrock.
  • We also talked about the bookshelves in the hallway. Yesterday Jose said that he thought that two bookshelves would look better than three, given the size and position of the existing one. I pretty much agreed, and presented the idea to Crystal. She also agreed that two would fit better, but wanted them higher than the existing one.

    While I was at the house watering and switching out locks, some guys came by and delivered the insulation that is going to be installed. I left before the insulation crew showed up, and after giving Jose a check for the roof decking insulation paint change order, as well as an advance on the paint draw.

    Today, we stopped by the house after watching The Godfather at the Paramount, and to our surprise, the insulation work was basically done! We didn’t have the camera, but I will take pictures tomorrow. They insulated all the exterior walls, the bathroom-former master wall, and the closet-kitchen wall. They also insulated the kitchen ceiling (the part that was full 10′ high) and the master bedroom ceiling. The work crew left all the windows open, presumably to help air out all the fiberglass dust and debris.

    The electricians had incorrectly placed the wall socket between the fridge and range, so I moved that to the other side of the stud so it would at least be over the narrow counter there.


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