The land was our land, this land’s now Goldman’s

(Apologies to Woody Guthrie)

This land was our land, this land’s now Goldman’s,
From Alaskan oilfields, to farms in the heartland
From regulators, to politicians
Goldman trades these commodities.

I worked my whole life to save some money,
And buy a nice house, for me and my honey.
I signed some paper, from the mortgage company,
Goldman made it a security.

They bought computers, they paid some math geeks,
To build some models and formulae in Greek.
They paid for ratings from Barron’s and Moody,
Goldman got insured by AIG.


I was told to trust in the invisible hand,
“The wealth will trickle,” said that great man Reagan
“Don’t need the gov’ment, or regulation,
Goldman prefers markets that are free.”

From my Roth IRA, to my 401(k),
To my father’s pension, from a lifetime of pay,
From our city’s coffers, to the nation of Iceland,
Goldman won trades against everybody.


As I was stopped on a crowded highway
I saw above me a Gulfstream jet plane
I saw beside me a gold Mercedes
Goldman buys these with impunity.

People are angry, and I understand,
From California, to the New York Island.
Our banks are failing, Fed’s out of money,
But Goldman banks profits quarterly.

Chorus (x2)


One thought on “The land was our land, this land’s now Goldman’s

  1. Travis Oliphant says:

    Nice lyrics. Makes me think of Jib Jab. You would make a good bobble-head in 2-d. The second verse needs some work though. Doesn’t quite fit the rest of the song.

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