Tape & Float, day 2

Today was the second day of taping and floating. The full set of photos are at http://electrictao.net/gallery/tapefloat2.

They’ve really sealed up most of the drywall seams and nails, and they’ve taped up most of the corners. The holes in the sheetrock for the pendant lights in the hallways are still not aligned, but I’m sure these will be taken care of at some point.

This photo shows the gas pressure meter, showing the pressure of the system in the house, and the very disconnected city meter, showing that we have no working gas service.


Furthermore, the coax is still not fixed, although the electricians came by and wired up the dangling Cat-5 to the phone jack inside the Grande junction box. Totally not impressed.


The deck framing looks great, though!

IMG_9733.JPG IMG_9736.JPG

The only problem is that now it’s plainly visible that the breezeway roof is just not going to work. I already thought it looked pretty ghetto, but now it doesn’t even have a reasonable minimum clearance.

IMG_9735.JPG IMG_9732.JPG

I will need to talk to José about what can be done about this, since this is clearly not going to work.


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