Moving out of the apartment

Today was our final move-out from the apartment. I took a couple of carloads of stuff over to the house (including fridge items), leaving Crystal at the apartment to finish cleaning. I helped vacuum and also tidied up the yard, using our shovel to move some doggie poop to the peripheries of the yard.

We disassembled our bed, slipped a plastic mattress protector over the mattress, and successfully loaded the cumbersome mattress onto the truck. I had rearranged the garage a bit yesterday evening, so we had plenty of room for the mattress. We then went back to the apartment for the dreaded “boxing of the TV” and the even more-dreaded “moving of the large TV box”.

We had a bit of a eureka moment, however, when we realized that we could use the racheting tie-downs as compression straps to hold the top and bottom of the TV box together. This allowed us to then use the holds inset into the box top to move the TV, and it because an almost trivially easy task. We managed to load it onto the truck and unload it into the garage without mishap.

After a quick lunch of dim sum, we went back to the apartment and moved all the critters to the house. Jane and Kaylee adapted surprisingly quickly to the cramped environment, and Trinity was excited to be able to chase squirrels in her yard again.

I placed a call with Ed, president of CASE Remodeling, to inform him of the water situation. I told him that as things stood, we had no hot water and no working sink, so when we brushed our teeth we would have to use the garden hose. He agreed that this was a ridiculous state of affairs, and said he would work on getting it rectified as soon as possible.

So tonight, we’re back in our house, with no hot water, no working sink, and no internet. It’s just like camping!

IMG_9804.JPG IMG_9805.JPG


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