Finishing out floating and sanding of sheetrock

This morning was our first morning without hot water. I drove over to the apartment and shower, and Crystal showered last night so she didn’t really need one, opting instead to just wash her hair in the shower. We used a cup to get some water from the showerhead and used that to brush our teeth.

The plumbers came by today (finally). They located and fixed a gas leak (hopefully the final one) and they also hooked up the center bathroom sink. Now I will no longer have to “brush my teeth with a garden hose”, as I indicated to Ed yesterday. They also pressurized the gas system and are awaiting inspection tomorrow.


Jose and the work crew start work on demolishing the previous breezeway structure today. He carefully measured exactly where the stairs were going to be coming off of the deck, so he knew where to put the columns (and hence where to cut the lower, existing roof structure). The new breezeway looks a hundred times better than the old one, and Jose agreed to fix this out-of-pocket since the height problem with the original design was his fault.

The workers finished floating and sanding today. One of the workers stayed extra late (after 8pm) to finish up some areas in the kitchen ceiling. I didn’t take any pictures today because shortly after getting home, we had to leave again to meet up for dinner with Eric, Travis, and a client.


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