Start of Texture and Day 2 of Fixing Breezeway

Last night we decided to lay one of the futons down flat so we wouldn’t both feel like we were sleeping on a hill. This was a great suggestion, and we managed to get a solid 8 hours of sleep.

This was our second morning without hot water, and we each coped in different ways. Crystal took a mini-shower with the cold water, and I packed up my clothes and took a shower at work. Of course, as it turns out, the water at the shower at work never seemed to get warm, so I ended up with a cold shower anyway.

After work today, I came home to see that they had finished texturing all the rooms (including closets and bathroom) except the kitchen. With the texture applied, the walls are really starting to look very nice. Here are two photos of the hallway and ceiling with texture applied; you can see the full album at


Unfortunately, the gas still did not get hooked up today and does not appear to have passed inspection yet. This is most aggravating, since it means that I will have to get a cold shower tomorrow morning as well. The zero-pressure test gauge is holding pressure, though, which means we at least have a good chance of passing inspection.


Additionally, a new dumpster was supposed to have arrived today, but it didn’t. So we have much debris piling up in our yard now, and an overfilled dumpster that is starting to smell a bit (since the workers throw their lunch and drink cups in there).


They also did some more work on fixing the breezeway roof. I didn’t take any photos yesterday of the initial breezeway framing, but it’s amazing what two days of work will yield:

200908131119.jpg 200908131119.jpg 200908131119.jpg 200908131120.jpg

José indicated that they would be finishing texture tomorrow, and finishing up the work on the breezeway as well. During the morning’s walk-through I pointed out that a couple of the cutouts in the drywall for the hallway light sockets were not aligned with the sockets themselves, and tonight it appears they had been fixed.

I also spoke with José about the upcoming schedule. On Thursday he’s going to get the workers to clean up all the dust, joint compound, and gypsum powder that’s coating the floors, and lay down a coat of primer, so that by the time we leave town this weekend, the rooms will look very nice. he also plans for them to start putting in cabinets on Thursday as soon as everything got cleaned up. He indicated that we need to figure out interior paint colors so that can start painting next week while we’re out of town.

Also the electricians still do not appear to have fixed the coax yet. I spoke with José this afternoon and reiterated that we need to have it fixed tomorrow so that Crystal can take her 6am meeting on Thursday from home. I’m kind of peeved about this because we re-activated our Grande service on Saturday, but haven’t had a coax cable to run that service through. It looks like we won’t get the coax hooked up until Thursday, and we’re going to be out of town all next week, so it means that we’re needlessly paying for half a month of cable and internet service.


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