Paint & Tile comparison

At lunch today, Crystal and I met up at Tileworks of Austin again to compare the paint swatches we had picked out to our actual tile selections. We initially were considering using Behr Sterling in the bathroom, but after comparing it to the Arabescato tile, I thought we needed something darker, like Pewter Vase.

For the kitchen, we both initially liked the pale-green Rejuvenate, but after comparing it to our Earth Slate Tumbled tile, it seems that a richer, darker, more saturated gray-green or gray-blue-green might be ideal. In the limited set of color brochures we had brought with us, Scotland Road and Aquatone seemed like good candidates.

This is a picture of our kitchen backsplash (Earth Slate Tumbled):

Tub/Shower surround (Arabescato Carrara 12×12):


Bathroom floor (Arabescato Carrara octagon with black dots):


So, we left Tileworks with the intent of visiting Home Depot again to narrow down those color choices and obtaining a few more sampler-sized containers of paint. José said he would try to have primer done today, so we can paint a few walls with the sample colors to see how they look.


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