Cabinets! And Gas!

Several big updates today!

Cleanup: The work crew cleaned up all of the dust from sanding down the sheetrock. The floors look so much better now.

Breezeway roof: They cased up the upper set of posts that hold up the new and improved breezeway roof. The breezeway still looks a little out of level, and I pointed this out to José.

Priming: They primed the master bedroom, and – wow! – what a difference that makes. Despite the plastic taped over the windows and the dried lumps of joint compound on the floor, the bedroom looks very nice and the lighting into it is just perfect. Crystal and I were both very happy with how the room turned out.

Cabinets: Innovative Cabinets delivered the cabinets today! They look very nice and though they were disassembled, I was able to identify all the major ones. I also identified the bench seats and they look great. I found the supporting cabinetry for our under-counter laundry setup, and they look very neat; the sliding hardware for the doors have tensioned wire between the top and bottom sliders.

Gas hookup: Also, they hooked up the gas! Apparently the inspector that the plumbers use signed off on things and the plumbers were able to hook up our gas system to the city meter. Oddly enough, the inspector didn’t sign or initial the green inspection slip that all the other inspectors have signed/initialed, but when I spoke to Cliff (while we were at dinner at the raw/juice bar down at 45th and Duval) he assured me that he looked it up on the city computer and it looks like our permit has the necessary approvals. I can’t wait to try out the water heater!


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