Wednesday Morning, 8am

I met with José this morning and we covered a number of topics:

  • I noticed that the siding had covered up the exterior power outlet and audio jack outlet, and pointed his out to Jose. His guys quickly located the location and will be fixing this error today.
  • I also inquired about how he would do the deck overhang and underpinning. Previously we had discussed using flat wooden boards, arranged vertically, for the underpinning, but today I got some more details. We agreed that 1×6 would appear the best, since the Trex deck boards themselves were 2×6, and José indicated he wanted 3/4″ to 1″ of overhang around the end. I told him to go for as much overhang as possible (1″ – 1.5″), and he said he woud look into getting 2×8 Trex to put all around the edge of the deck. He also said he would put Trex horizontally across the vertical part of the step between the lower deck and the upper deck, and overhang the upper stair a little bit.
  • Speaking about schedule, I pointed out that we need to have running hot water ASAP. I explained that the situation is already critical, and that if we don’t have it today, we at least need it tomorrow. I explained that as of Saturday, we will be out of town for a week, and if it’s still not on by the time we get back (Sunday Aug 23rd), then we have a Really Big Problem.
  • I also pointed out the coax/cable situation to him, and explained that because we did not have it, Crystal had to get up at 5am this morning and schlep into work (without a hot shower). I told José that I spoke with Cliff last night (during the intermission of the performance of Wicked) and informed him of the severity of the situation. Crystal is not a happy camper, and if they think it’s bad when I’m pissed…

I also inspected the work on the breezeway roof from yesterday, and saw that they had propped up the lower part of the roof a little bit. I checked with my level and confirmed that it was now pretty much level.

José said his guys would clean up all the dust and debris from sanding and texturing the sheetrock, and they would get a coat of primer on the walls. They will also be getting cabinets delivered around 2pm-3pm.


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