Kitchen cleanup, more priming

This morning, José and the guys showed up around 8:30 or so. Since we had purchased sample sizes of our final candidates for colors last night at Home Depot, they were able to paint patches on various walls so we could see what the colors would look like.

All of the colors we looked at were from Behr. We had already basically decided on a light blue Cumberland Fog for the bedroom, and a very light rose Mauve Mist  for the hallways. In the kitchen, we were trying to decide between the darker Scotland Road and the lighter Southern Breeze. After seeing them on the wall, the lighter shade won again and we’ll be going with Souther Breeze.

The bathroom is a toss-up between a light-gray Sterling and a darker (but still light) gray Sparrow. I felt the Sparrow would provide more contrast with the gray patterns in the Arabescato marble, and would have a more modern look when contrasted with the white cabinets and chrome fixtures. After seeing the paint on the wall, however, I agree with Crystal’s sentiment that it is too dark. Futhermore, the bathroom is already somewhat small, so we’ll need the lighter shade to make it feel less cramped.

I showed José the problem we had last night with our Rinnai water heater (94 LSi), and told him to bring it to the attention of our plumber Reggie Patterson, and to get it fixed today. José called Reggie on the spot and got word back that all we need to do is to power cycle the system (turn it off and on again) a few times when it gets this error so that it can work through all the residual trapped air in the pipes. So, this is something I will try tonight or tomorrow morning.

While we were walking around upstairs in the attic, José noted the inconvenience of having to duck under some of the remaining old roof structure in order to walk back to the new attic space (where the water heater is located). He told me he would get more of the roof cut away, and pointed out to Primo the parts that he wanted removed. While we were in the attic, I was so fixated on the water heater that I forgot to point out that his guys never completed painting the radiant barrier on the underside of the roof decking.

After we came downstairs, I asked José about the work plan for today, he said that they would be cleaning everything out of the kitchen today, then finishing up priming of the kitchen and hallways, and basically getting ready for paint and trim next week. I forgot to ask about the dumpster situation, and he didn’t volunteer any information as well. Hopefully by the time I stop back in town on Tuesday evening, they will have changed out the (now completely filled) dumpster with a new one. I don’t mind the piles of debris in the yard so much, but the smell from food-related trash in the current dumpster can get a little overwhelming in the evenings, especially with the freakishly hot weather we’ve been having.


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