Status Call: Water Heater Woes, Remaining Schedule, Target Completion Date

Tonight we had a great meal at Rudy’s with Robert and Emily, Rob and Margaret, and Dave and Rachel, who are very recently returned from their amazing European roadtrip honeymoon. After many fun stories and, of course, Rachel disparaging geek-dom in general, Crystal and I finally headed home a little before 9 so we could get packed and prepared for our flights in the morning.

Cliff called as I let Trinity into the yard of the neighbor across the street to play with their dog Logan. We talked about a few things:

  • My exploits with the water heater last night. I explained that I had to manually go and trace wires in the live electrical panel, at night, in order to find the right break and flip it on. Cliff apologized for this, stating that (obviously) they expect their subcontractors to maintain a high level of professionalism, which in this case would have meant actually labeling the wires on the breaker panel. Perhaps there is some reason they are still unlabeled, and are waiting for final electrical trim-out? I don’t know.
  • I also explained about the information from Reggie this morning (relayed via José) about power-cycling the Rinnai to flush out the air. Cliff apologized for this lapse/oversight as well, and stated that, obviously, flushing the air out is standard procedure for a plumber and we should not have had to do this ourselves. Cliff indicated that this is actually a fairly easy procedure to do by oneself, and I responded that while that may be the case, I was not comfortable with messing around with and venting gas lines in my attic the day before I leave town for a week.
  • I mentioned that José has said he wanted clear and final sign-off from me about all the cabinet locations before he installs them. I also know that cabinets need to be installed before they measure for and order countertops. And I know that countertops have a two-week lead time. So, I asked Cliff how we can make this happen, if I am out of town basically all next week. After some discussion, we agreed that since I am in town for part of the day Wednesday 8/19, Cliff would make sure the cabinets were in place and ready for my sign-off by that date, so that they can call to get the countertops measured and ordered.
  • I asked about overall schedule, and whether we’re on target for an 8/31/09 completion date. I told Cliff that we have company in town the weekend of labor day, and they are very excited to see and stay in our house. We were very much looking forward to entertaining them in the house at that time, which means that we would need to have full use of our kitchen. Cliff was hesitant to commit to an exact date at this point, but said that we should be “darn close” if we don’t make it by 8/31 exactly.

Cliff also said that he would send me the change order for window case, C.O. #25.


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