Window Casing Change Order

I finally got an email from Cliff with the change order for the window casing material and labor. The cost was a LOT more than I thought it would be.

I gave Cliff a call shortly after receiving the email, and told him that w were basically out of budget for this project, so we could not proceed with the change order. This led to me venting a bit about the finances of the project overall. By the end of the conversation, Cliff told me that he would talk this through with Ed and “as a team” all of us would figure out a way to make it work. He told me that for the time being, I should write a check for the change order and leave it for them to hold in trust, so that when we do resolve the issue they can cash it and get working on it immediately without waiting for me to get back in town.

I spoke with Crystal afterwards about this whole thing, because she could see that I was visibly frustrated while I was packing and preparing for my flight tomorrow. Thus far, I have tried to insulate her from the details of the project finances, in terms of change order details, back and forth discussions about allowance overages and whatnot. She requested that I do this at the outset, because she would simply be too stressed out and anxious if she had to see all the nitty gritty details. But after she inquired about this window casing change order, I went into the details a bit and she was furious. She basically screamed that Cliff had told her, in no uncertain terms, on at least two different occasions, that they would make the windows look just like the older part of the house in the living and dining rooms. Her stance was that she flatly refused to pay CASE Remodeling to do work they had already promised. It’s up to CASE Remodeling whether they do the work or not, but we are definitely not paying the money.

I’m too tired right now to write up an email, but I’ll do so on the plane tomorrow. I think we are going to end up with sheet rock returns, and we’ll have to case out the windows at some point down the road.


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