Installing Cabinets

I called up José around 8:30 this morning to arrange for a meeting to talk about cabinets. He said it was the first time he’d heard of it, which means that Cliff failed to communicate the urgency of the matter to him. José swung by briefly on his way to another job and met with his worker (who was originally supposed to do more priming today). He instructed him to start placing the cabinets in accordance to the plan and to my instructions, and said that he would be back at 11am to go over any more details regarding the installation.

So, the worker and I starting moved all of the stuff out of the middle of the kitchen and started hefting cabinets around. Thirty minutes, two splinters, and 1 sweaty shirt later, we had put most things into the appropriate places. Several issues we realized:

  • The laundry end cabinet is an unfortunately width that puts one of its sides directly on top of the laundry drain pipe elbow. They will have to cut away part of the cabinet for this to mount properly.
  • The kitchen sink drain and supply pipe elbows are too high off the ground, and will require cutting into the bottom base of the cabinet in the sink area.
  • The dishwasher cabinet is nowhere to be found; perhaps it is just some framing and panels that need to be assembled?
  • The upper cabinets will be 18″ above the counter, meaning we have 2′ between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling.

So, in conclusion, José and I agreed on a few things:

  • We will have a 10″ overhang on the island, and a normal (1″ – 1.5″) overhang on the side facing the stove.
  • He will assemble the laundry cabinets and position them so the counter folks can measure them, but he will not install them for now, because he needs to install hardibacker and tile underneath the laundry cabinet.
  • He understood that he needs to reiterate to the counter people that the laundry counter nearest the oven needs to have a very narrow edge, so it doesn’t interfere with the oven door. We discussed having a 1/2″ overhang.
  • For now, he will not install the island, either, since measurements for its counter can be taken without it being installed.
  • I also pointed out that the left side of the breezeway (as viewed from the kitchen doorway) is lower than the right, and he said his guys would fix that.

I noticed that he had one guy dedicated to cleaning up the debris in the yard. I was happy to see that the guy was being pretty methodical, stacking up large flat pieces towards the far back end of the dumpster. This should be our last dumpster.

Also, as I was leaving the house to grab lunch, the freight company delivered the mirror for our bathroom vanity. I helped the delivery guy move it into the house, and we opened it up and I inspected it for damage. It looked to be in good shape, so I signed off on the delivery slip.

I had a final conversation with José before I left the house for my flight out to Pasadena. He said that today and tomorrow he will work on getting the cabinets installed, and once that is done, his guys will start painting the outside. That puts us in position to install the deck, paint the interior, and install interior trim. After that, they can install the floors. I reiterated to José that my brother-in-law and friends are coming to visit over Labor Day, and that I really, really want a functioning kitchen at that point. One thing that remains for me and Crystal to do is select the kind of white paint we want for the ceiling. This is not in the critical path, since there is plenty of other work to be done besides interior paint, but we need to do it as soon as we get back in town (e.g. Monday night).


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