Wednesday afternoon

When I spoke with Cliff this past Monday evening, I had asked him to discuss with Ed and José and come back to me with a final date when we can expect the entire project to be done. He has done this, and today I received an email from him stating that the finish date is Friday October 2nd, or Monday October 5th, with a margin of error of 2-4 work days.

This seems like a pretty realistic number to me, given José’s earlier statement that hardwood floors wouldn’t start until Monday September 28th. Unfortunately, this leaves us with very little in the way of margin, since we have to be ready for Rob and Margaret’s wedding on October 16th. I replied with an email to this effect, really stressing the fact that we need to manage productivity on the project. For instance, we can’t afford repeats of last week when we basically had no work (except a little trim priming) done over the course of 3 days.

I’m about to head home now to meet with José and tell him where we want various lights and fixtures. I will also ask him about repairing the holes the electricians cut in the upstairs bedroom wall in order to install the smoke detector, as well as framing out the HVAC ductwork in the upstairs closet.

Also, tonight, Crystal and I will finalize the location of the kitchen island, so that José’s crew can get to work installing that permanently, and so it will be ready for countertop on Friday.


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