Electrical trim-out 2, More Kitchen Backsplash, More attic demolition

The electricians continued their trim-out work today, shortening the pendant lights per my request, and installing more sockets and lights. The guy from Million-air Heating and Cooling stopped by and we talked about the work that needed to happen in the attic (strapping up some of the duct work). He also installed all of the remaining register grills except for the one near the solar tubes. The plumbers were also on-site, and finished out a number of things: they installed the gas line for the range cooktop, installed the shower valve trim and spout, and started work on connecting the disposal and kitchen sink drain.


Primo and another guy worked on installing the tile backsplash in the kitchen and laundry areas:


A third guy was in the attic, cutting away more of the old roof so as to get us better access to the new area.


They also did some cleanup of the master bedroom and front guest bedroom. The master bedroom is clean and ready for hardwood floor installation:


The full gallery is available at pictures.electrictao.net/electrical_trim2


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