Kitchen backsplash Day 3, Cleanup and prep for flooring

Even though it was a Saturday, the workers came today and finished installing all the backsplash tile. They also vacuumed and cleaned up the kitchen floor in preparation for the flooring installer. A lot of the trash from inside the house has been moved outside into the carport. They also pulled up all the OSB plywood that had been nailed down to the top of the deck joists, serving as a makeshift deck for the past several weeks. I take this as an indicator that they expect the deck material to arrive sometime soon and to have the real deck installed.

Yesterday morning as I left for work, I noticed that Rodrigo was on top of the dumpster, rearranging things and pressing everything down so the dumpster was not overflowing. This was something that Cliff had cautioned Ed about at our meeting Thursday morning, and I was glad to see they were paying attention to it.

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