Kitchen Backsplash Day 4

As I left for work this morning, I saw that the workers were taking delivery of a truckload of floor float material and wood adhesive. After getting in to work, I got a call from Danny at Artisan Floors saying that he was on his way over to the house and would be working on it today, and confirming that there would be someone there to meet him.

As I got home from work, the work crew was leaving the house and I saw that they had finished installing grout and sealing the backsplash with color-enhancing sealer. The color of the tile is much richer now and it looks a lot less “faded” than just the bare tile. They also installed both the Advantium and the Dacor convection oven, and they look great in the cabinet!


I also saw that the plumbers had come by at some point and finished hooking up the sink drain. They hooked up the faucet supply and cut a hole in the cabinet side wall for the dishwasher drain line.


There were also a few more random things: the workers moved the unpainted, unfinished bench seats into the garage for the time being, so that the hardwood floor can be installed underneath, and Jose picked up the fan for the master bedroom from Home Depot and delivered it. The hardwood floor guy apparently came by, but didn’t do much except clean up the floors a bit more.

After dinner, Crystal and I went to Home Depot and picked up all sorts of light bulbs. We also picked up a replacement master bath vent fan. We had picked one up a LONG time ago, before framing was even complete, but somehow in the intervening time it has been misplaced, so Cliff instructed us to pick up another one, and CASE would reimburse us. We found another one just like what we had purchased originally, and left that in the master bathroom, stacked on top of the master bedroom fan that Jose had picked up. After all that, I spent an hour or two with Google Sketchup, drawing up plans for the built-in bookshelves in the hallway. I printed out two schematics and taped them on the wall next to the bookshelf recesses.

Full gallery of photos are at



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