Main power turn on!

What a difference a day makes! Today the electricians finished trim-out, installing the light fixtures in the master bedroom closet, and the master bedroom ceiling fan. They also powered everything on: the lights are on, the ovens are on, and the stove is on!


We also took delivery of our new flooring material today. We opted to use the Johnson Flooring‘s ForeverTuff Brazilian Cherry engineered flooring material. (Its color matches the original floors pretty well, and serves as a nice, rich tone for the kitchen’s white cabinetry and black countertops.)

The flooring installer (Danny), who is himself a subcontractor for Artisan, floated the floor in the master hallway and the dining/hallway end of the kitchen. In the afternoon, he brought up the issue that it was going to be very difficult to refinish the hallway and do all the transitions in an aesthetically appealing way. After a lot of back and forth, we decided to put new material down over the hallway rather than trying to refinish it. Cliff is working on the change order and will send it to me.

What this means is that in the area where the hallway meets the kitchen, we’ll need to somehow level off the 3/4″ height difference. Danny and Jose agreed that this could be done with some spare thin hardibacker that Jose has lying around. Danny will then float over this. The following pictures show the height difference between the hallway and the top of the current kitchen float, and the height of the spare hardibacker:


Finally, the one other major thing that happened today is that our final dumpster has been hauled off:


We’ve had a dumpster in our yard since the very beginning of the project in May, and it’s almost weird to have that part of the yard back now. More significantly, the dumpster’s departure signals an important milestone, and marks the beginning of the end of the entire project.

Check out all the photos at


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