More work on the upstairs bathroom remodel, and dealing with the deck change order

Primo showed up pretty early at the house today to work on the underpinning on the south side (bay window side) of the house.

While he was doing this, we worked on the upstairs bathroom and foyer area. I spackled, sanded, and texture the walls, and then went to Home Depot to get a cap for the “T” attached to the hot water supply valve. The T supplies water to both the dishwasher and the sink faucet, but the dishwasher will not be installed for quite some time yet. By capping off one end of the T, I will be able to turn on the kitchen sink!

While I was at Home Depot today, I ended up in a long conversation with Cliff about the deck change order and its cost. He did somewhat of a breakdown of where all the cost overages were, in an attempt to answer my question about why it should be so much more than he anticipated. Apparently part of the cost comes from my request for real skirting, and not the cheap lattice stuff. Since I was at Home Depot, I priced out the cost of using hardiboard siding for the skirting as opposed to cedar lattice.

After we got home from Home Depot, I met up with Jose and gave him a check for the deck change order. He complained a bit about Ed not being very timely with his payments, and being behind on payroll. That certainly doesn’t bode very well…

We did more sanding and texturing in the afternoon. Crystal noticed a few days ago that the kitchen sink hadn’t been caulked when the Austin Countertops people installed it, so she caulked it herself. We went to Korea House for dinner, and then went to Lowe’s to get more supplies.

In the evening, after dinner, I did more work on the upstairs bathroom remodel. I started priming the walls and upstairs foyer and bathroom, so we could have it painted by the time that our friends arrive for Rob & Margaret’s wedding. I ended up finishing up the can of primer by priming the baseboards of all the steps.


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