Main sink turn on! First dinner in the new kitchen!

This morning, I used the cap that I got yesterday at Home Depot to cap off one half of the hot water supply valve under the kitchen sink. I then discovered that the plumber had somehow reversed the hot and cold water lines that hookup to the faucet. I swear… for some reason, this plumber just cannot seem to get hot and cold right. Hopefully they have at least not reversed supply and drain anywhere. <sigh>

In any case, after correcting the plumber’s mistake, I turned the sink faucet on for the first time! This meant that I could do dishes for the first time in our new kitchen!

I did not take any pictures of the first set of dishes, but it was some plates and cups that we had used for breakfast. We had previously been washing our cups and whatnot in the small guest bathroom sink, which was very annoying. With the giant Kohler sink now fully functional, I am so tempted to go through and wash everything in sight.

I didn’t have much time to revel in the glory of the new faucet, however. We had more sanding and touch-up to do upstairs, so that we can finally get to painting. After spending the afternoon doing that, we got to have our first dinner in the new kitchen!


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