Flooring day 5 – Sanding the guest bedroom, installing kitchen floors

I got up early this morning and started moving everything from the sunroom out into the carport. This included the old vent hood, various cans of paint, and whatnot. I also moved out the plants and planters. I then vacuumed around everything with the ShopVac, and finally I shoved the loveseat out of the way to make room for the two giant armoires. Once Jose’s guys showed up, I enlisted their help to move the armoires into sunroom. The just barely fit under the sunroom’s ceiling fan blades.


Danny showed up and installed the last couple of pieces of floorboard in the guest bedroom, and the rest of the crew from Artisan showed up with their sander and equipment. As I was leaving for work, I could hear they starting to sand everything down.

After returning from work, I saw the fruits of the day’s labor: Danny had installed most of the floor in the kitchen, and the other Artisan guys had sanded and stained the floor in the guest bedroom. The sanding and subsequent stain resulted in a non-uniformity that troubled me somewhat. I hadn’t expected it to look so “splotchy”. I was assured that this is basically what old floors look like, after they’ve been worn, since the floor has varying density based on historical traffic and load patterns. Nonetheless, I was definitely a bit disappointed with the appearance. They still have two more coats to go, but I don’t believe that will drastically change the appearance.


The kitchen floor, on the other hand, looks magnificent! The photos speak for themselves. All the colors work out very nicely, and the grain of the Brazilian Cherry is gorgeous.


More pictures at: http://electrictao.net/gallery/flooring5


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