End of an era

Lots of things happened today, partly because I had expressed to Cliff and Ed the urgency and how we are completely out of time: Brad is showing up tomorrow, and the flooring is still not done. The master bathroom almost works, except that the water gets cold after 10 minutes, and the center bathroom is a wreck. There’s no way we can have guests staying at our house with things in this sort of condition.

Ed assured me that he would be marshalling resources to get the bathroom in a workable state, and get the deck ready in time. I have my doubts.

But of all the things that happened today, the most psychologically significant was that this morning, I took down the plywood that boarded up the dining room doorway, separating the living and dining rooms (the “old” part of the house) from the kitchen and all the new construction. At one point, during framing, the other side of the plywood was facing the wide open sky. At other times, it was responsible for blocking out noxious paint fumes and tremendous amounts of dust. For the last two months that we’ve been living out of boxes in our living room and sleeping on the futon, this plywood was like a Berlin Wall in our own home, separating us from the bathroom and walling us up in the living room.

But no more. The plywood is now gone.

In its place is now a doorway, through which we can see our lovely new kitchen, and the rooms beyond:


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