Installing kitchen and laundry appliances

It’s all starting to come together. A bit late, but better than never!

I worked from home part of the time this morning, but I took time off work to help Jose’s crew move all the appliances into place and finish out the laundry area.

The first thing we did in the morning was to cut a notch in the metal backsplash for our cooktop. Why did we have to do this? Because the dumb plumbers installed the gas line the wrong way. Rather than installing it upwards from the base cabinet, they ran it through the back wall. There’s a reason why the BlueStar’s gas receptacle points downwards…


Next, they worked on installing the dishwasher. Because our previous dishwasher was wired directly into the supply wire, it didn’t have a plug that we could take and reuse on the new one. So, I cut apart a spare computer power cord and Jose wired that to the dishwasher. I also had to get a universal dishwasher supply hose from Home Depot so that it could connect to the hot water line from the supply valve under the sink.

While at Home Depot, I also got a dryer vent duct, and while Jose and his crew worked on installing that, I got to play with the now-functional BlueStar range. Here is range in its final installed configuration, and here is first light, on the center 15k BTU burner:


While all this was happening, Trinity kept a patient watch from behind her gate in the dining room:

Before installing the washer, I recalled our very important lesson about that we’ve learned about the plumbers, i.e. that they can’t distinguish hot water supply lines from cold water supply lines, and I asked Jose to make sure that the water coming out of the laundry hot water valve was indeed hot. They opened one of the casements in the bay window, pointed the hose outside, turned on the valve, and after a brief wait, confirmed that it was indeed the hot water.

After installing the laundry appliances, they installed all of the cabinet hardware that Crystal and I bought at Home Depot the other day. The hardware works really well with the style and color of everything.


Also, the whole time that this activity was going on in the kitchen, Danny’s sister Dorothy was cleaning up the splotches of wood adhesive that Danny had let behind in various spots on the floor. She showed up in the morning and went to work on the master bedroom. She basically finished that today, and plans to finish the kitchen area tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, Jose and his guys moved the fridge back in and hooked it all up. Later in the evening, Brad, Shaown, and Adrian helped me give it a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Every single shelf was disassembled and handwashed or wiped down with 409 or Windex. You can see the array of shelves drying on the island counter in this photo:

More photos:


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