When it rains, it pours

Avid readers may have noticed that there has been a prolonged lull in updates… I basically didn’t update anything from the middle of September until now. I apologize for this, with the lame and utterly expected excuse that I’ve been busy. But in any case, your wait is over. (Merry Christmas!)

I have not only uploaded ALL the daily progress photos from the end of September through today, but I have also written detailed blog entries starting from the middle of September until up to Rob & Margaret’s wedding in mid-October. (I still need to do a couple more.) For those keeping count, that’s 13 albums and 19 blog entries, replete with inline photos. On a perfectly beautiful Saturday. Just for you.

Below is a helpful table of the new entries, complete with summary photo.

9/22 – Plumbing trim-out day 2
9/23 – Plumbing trim-out day 3
9/24 – Electrical trim-out, start of kitchen backsplash, and solar tubes!
9/25 – Electrical trim out day 2, backsplash day 2, and more attic demolition
9/26 – Kitchen backsplash day 3, cleanup and prep for flooring
9/28 – Kitchen backsplash day 4 (grout & seal), oven installation
9/30 – Main power turn on (electrical trim out, day 3) and start of hardwood flooring
10/1 – Flooring day 1: master bedroom, kitchen floor hardibacker
(No picture) 10/3 – More work on the upstairs bathroom; dealing with the deck change order
(No picture) 10/4 – Main sink turn on! First dinner in the new kitchen!
10/5 – Flooring day 2 (kitchen floor float), bay window underpinning
10/6 – Flooring day 3 (Guest bedroom floor board finger join), deck skirting
10/7 – Flooring day 4: floating the floor, finger join work in the guest bedroom
10/8 – Flooring day 5: sanding guest bedroom floors, installing kitchen floors
10/9 – End of an Era: removing the plywood barrier between the old house and new construction
10/9 – Flooring day 6 (laundry tile), Trex decking delivery, center bathroom work
10/12 – Flooring complete! (hallway, laundry tile), center bathroom work
10/13 – Installing kitchen and laundry appliances
10/14 – Moving back into the kitchen

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