Resumed Work

After about two weeks of no activity, I finally got through to Ed and he notified me on Monday that work would resume on Wednesday 11/18 (yesterday). Unfortunately, the railing material didn’t get delivered yesterday, and all that managed to happen was that I met up with Jose in the morning to walk through the punch list of remaining work items.

This morning Primo was at the house around 9am (about the same time our pest control guy showed up) and he started painting the hallway bookshelves. Jose showed up a little while later and was walking him through the punch list as I left for work.

When I got home this evening, I saw that Primo had not only painted the hallway bookshelves, but he had also repaired the final bit of floor tile in the center bathroom and painted all the of the kitchen base trim.


The bookshelf paint had dried, so Crystal and I got to work moving the bulk of our paperbacks onto them. As soon as we were done with that, we took advantage of the new empty shelf space in the office bookshelves and put up many of the books that had previously been in overflow stacks.


(For the curious ones with sharp eyes, yes – the Discworld novels are in publication/chronological order.)

Also, I’ve uploaded photos of last night’s work on installing our HTD HD-R80 in-ceiling speakers. I haven’t placed the grills back on them because they have small adjustment switches on the front that can independently add or subtract 3 dB to the woofer and tweeter, and I want to hear how they sound with a variety of music before finalizing my switch settings. (Once the grills are installed, they are quite a pain to remove.) Also pictured is my old Aiwa receiver from college that I ordered off of or back in 1998. It gets pretty warm but it works quite well. We’re in the market for something more energy efficient.


More photos at


One thought on “Resumed Work

  1. shoomytut says:

    Seems like you are a true specialist. Did ya study about the issue? haha..

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