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How I Smoke a Brisket

Below is a detailed description of how I make a brisket on my Big Green Egg, including my dry rub recipe.  My early attempts at this years ago were plagued with difficulties, and the meat didn’t turn out great, but I have finally figured out how to consistently do it well.  The single most important thing about smoking meat with the Big Green Egg is learning how to correctly build the fire.  If your fire isn’t built right, you will have nothing but trouble.  I describe the key aspects of this process later.

But first, let’s start with prepping the brisket itself.

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Sampaio dinner

After a tiring day of final moving, we had dinner at Sampaio’s on Burnet. We had a starter of the cheese rolls, and they did not disappoint. We were ravenous from all the moving, so we finished them off pretty quick.

For our entrées, Crystal had the pork tenderloin, and I had the paella. Both were good; the smoke on the tenderloin was excellent, and Crystal had more than enough to take some home for another meal. They were very generous with the paella as well, and the mussels were cooked perfectly: cooked thoroughly but not overdone, retaining a bit of fresh chewiness. For dessert we shared a vanilla flan.

The next time I go, I am determined to try the Camarao ao Molho de Cachaça, as recommended by Rob Balon and numerous others.