Flooring day 6

I was awakened at 6am by the sound of wind gusting outside. A medium-sized limb fell on our roof shortly thereafter, and then it started thunderstorming like mad.

Around 7:30 or so, a guy from Artisan showed up to apply a second coat of stain on the guest bedroom floor. He had a thick Jamaican accent and said that he would be back on Monday to do a final coat, and that we could walk around on the floor once the stain dries. (At least, I think that’s what he said – it was a pretty thick accent.) The color of the floor is darkening a little bit as the stain soaks more into the wood, but it’s still splotchy.

A big truck from Stock came by in the rain and dropped off all of the Trex decking material. It was surprising to see him slide it all off of the truck:


Also, A representative from Artisan – a guy named Chad – came by in the morning to check out the work and see how things were going. I chatted with him briefly, and he left shortly after checking everything out.

Then the cabinet painters came. Their charge was to paint the bay window bench seats, which were still unpainted and sitting in the garage. Since it was still raining, I told them to go around the outside of the house to the garage, and I met them there and let them into the garage. We rearranged some stuff and created a space towards the back where they could put up painter’s plastic and spray paint.

The rest of Jose’s guys were keeping busy as well. After Danny finished putting down floor in the rest of the kitchen, they laid down cardboard and “protective paper” over the floor and installed tile in the under-counter washer and dryer space:


They also made quite a bit of progress on the center (guest) bathroom. This is the bathroom that had been damaged by rain during the early (framing) part of the project. Today, not only did they manage to demolish all the old paneling and such, they also installed new sheetrock and taped and floated all of it. They removed the old mirror as well. The bathroom is now ready for texture, and then paint.


More pictures at: http://electrictao.net/gallery/flooring6


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